Core facilities

Amsterdam UMC Core facilities is an umbrella definition for state-of-the-art laboratories or research infrastructures that concentrate specialized resources and/or expertise. The facilities are physically embedded in research and/or diagnostics departments and coordinated according to a joint organizational model. At present the following core facilities are defined:

  • Genomics – contact Dr. J. Weiss (VUmc), Dr. D. Sie (VUmc)
  • Proteomics – contact Prof. Dr. C. Jimenez (VUmc)
  • Metabolomics – contact Dr. F. Vaz (AMC)
  • Microscopy – contact Dr. R. Musters (VUmc), Prof. Dr. E. Reits (AMC), Dr. N. van der Wel (AMC)
  • Cytometry – contact Ing. B. Hooibrink (AMC), Dr. A. Dräger (VUmc), Dr. J.J. Garcia Vallejo (VUmc)
  • Screening – contact Prof. Dr. V. van Beusechem (VUmc)
  • Biobank – contact Dr. J. Hamann (head), Ing. A. Kromhout (manager location VUmc*), Dr. J.F. van Ast (manager location AMC)
  • Imaging -  contact Prof. Dr. Ir. A. Nederveen (AMC), Prof. Dr. G. van Dongen (VUmc)


See also Core facilities AMC (intranet)

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