The Imaging Special interest group (SIG) of the hpc expertisecentrum represents the (neuro)imaging researchers who need (high) computing power to process their data and perform their analysis.

There is no typical way to perform imaging analyses. Many researchers use their own pipelines, their own systems, custom scripts and have developed their own tricks. PhD students or other researchers often work for years on certain analyses and become real experts. Nevertheless, when they leave the lab this knowledge is often lost and others that come later have to reinvent the wheel or struggle with problems that others have already tackled. This is not efficient and increases time and cost-investments.

The Imaging SIG provides a platform where researchers can learn from each other and bring together the scattered field of imaging researchers of both houses of Amsterdam UMC. We will organize and post a schedule for the (open) departmental imaging seminars of the institute, set up a list of expert researchers where you can go to for advise on certain analyses and provide a repository of scripts and manuals to perform certain analyses.


For more information please contact Matthan Caan (location AMC)/ Chris Vriend (location VUmc)