HPC Center of Expertise

The Executive Board of the VUmc has awarded an innovation budget in 2018 to setup a High Performance Computing (HPC) center of expertise and to organize a scientific community. In this assignment, the HPC center of expertise has been implemented Amsterdam UMC-wide. We are happy to inform you of the achievements, activities and next steps of the HPC center of expertise.

Within the project, a coherent concept has been developed for the HPC center of expertise, consisting of three components: the HPC hub, the HPC facility and the HPC community.

The HPC hub is an organizational unit in which all activities related to HPC are coordinated. The HPC hub is also the formal department where researchers can ask questions (the 'desk'). The aim is to incorporate the HPC hub within Research Support in 2019.

The HPC facility refers to the ICT infrastructure that enable (clinical) researchers to use applications that require computational resources that are not available on regular desktop computers, like high-speed computing nodes (GPU), parallel processing or high capacity working memory. Typical applications are deep learning and large-scale data analysis. In 2018, various options for the HPC facility were compared on the basis of a number of criteria. In addition, a proof of concept has been implemented for a number of use cases, with which experience has been gained with the use of HPC cloud environments. The HPC Center of Expertise has drawn up a roadmap for the development of HPC facilities, starting in 2019.

The HPC community is an informal network of researchers within Amsterdam UMC that supports sharing of HPC-specific knowledge and expertise, with a focus on the HPC facility. The community has been set up to organize meetings on a regular basis through special interest groups (SIGs) around common interests and scientific expertise. In addition, the community members can use an on-line platform where questions can be posted and best-practices and experiences can be shared. In this way, the community members reinforce each other in doing research. The community stimulates collaboration between researchers from AMC and VUmc.


For more information please contact Bob van Dijk