The bioinformatics community aims to connect all bioinformaticians in both Amsterdam UMCs and will reach out to anyone who has an interest in bioinformatics. The community hopes to help the bioinformaticians located in the diverse research groups and buildings to find one another in order to promote collaboration and mutual support. The bioinformatics community will provide a space where common ground can be found for basic and translational scientists, clinicians and data scientists. This will allow them to use bioinformatics as a tool to test their models, validate new ideas or create new ideas.

The community will make the broad field of bioinformatics accessible through:

- direct interactions enabled through the community website and meetings

- knowledge transfer though sharing spaces/mailing list

- education through internal and external courses

- regular in house meetings though meetups

Members will be informed on the latest developments in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence and on the available infrastructure to enable these developments. Importantly, a realistic view of the possibilities and limitations of these technologies in their context will be provided.

The community is not intended to own any data/methods but rather connects people with full ownership over their work in agreement with good scientific and ethical practices. For patient data, the procedures will have to be aligned with privacy regulations.


For more information please contact Elisabeth Lodder / Bart Westerman.