Circle of Life

The circle of life is the framework for the research at Amsterdam Reproduction & Development (AR&D): from conception through development back to conception. The focus is on the effects of diseases and interventions on reproductive organ function, conception, embryonic and fetal development, pregnancy and birth as well as child development and effects on quality of life and long term health.

Combining the expertise and various approaches of different disciplines provides the opportunity to create innovative research. From a societal perspective, AR&D aims to be an (inter)national knowledge hub for interpreting and guiding scientific developments in the field of human reproduction and development, with the ultimate goal to provide the best health care possible.

The AR&D Institute interacts with many AMC and VUmc departments while being closely related to the AMC/VUmc Women and Children’s Hospital.

Preconception and Conception

Fetal and embryonic development

Pregnancy & Birth

Child Development