Successful R&D symposium

On 7 July 2016 the Alliance Research Institute Reproduction & Development organized its first symposium at The Planetarium in Amsterdam. AMC and VUmc group leaders from all R&D themes attended to this inspirational gathering.

Sjoerd Repping, one of the R&D directors,  gave an overview of the state of play of the alliance institutes and the future plans for Reproduction and Development. One of the main goals of Reproduction & Development is to stimulate crosslinking between the AMC and VUmc researchers within and between the R&D research themes.

Three PhD students highlighted examples of research topics within R&D. PhD student Marita de Waard presented het study about nutrition of neonates with donor milk, PhD student Vera Manders talked about her findings on NIPTer, a  study for non-invasive presymptomatic RNA screening for pre-eclampsia and Robbert Berkhout on the progress of his study about embryo quality and implantation improvement.

The matchmaking sessions with several short meetings between the attendees, chaired by former R&D director Jaap Oosterlaan, gave ample of opportunity to meet new colleagues of R&D. The sessions were filled with vivid discussions, which resulted in the creation of new ideas and new opportunities for collaboration.