Laureates AR&D Nursing & Open Research Grants

AR&D has awarded research grants worth up to 100,000 euros to 17 talented scientists working at the Amsterdam UMC.

AR&D Nursing Science Grant

The AR&D Nursing Science Grant enables nurses, from Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals in Amsterdam, that are involved in science, to perform research with the goal to improve patient care in the field of Reproduction and Development. The involved nurse has to be the main applicant on the proposal.

This grant (max. €25.000) can be used to cover salary and materials needed to perform this research.

Laureate 2019:

Anita Bakker- de Jong with the project "Long-term complications resulting from urinary catheters in children: What do we know?"

AR&D Open Research Grants

The AR&D open research grant round 2018-2019 enables researchers from Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals in Amsterdam to perform research in the field of reproduction and development.

1. Start Small, Think Big (Grant type 1, up to €25.000)

This grant is focused on the development of novel ideas or projects, or to spark novel ideas.

Laureates 2019 (in random order):

Freyja van Lint with the project: "The devil is in the details: Skewed paternal inheritance in cardiomyopathies due to selfish spermatogonial selection?"

Kelly Nijsten with the project: "The effects of in utero undernutrition due to hyperemesis gravidarum on offspring’s cardiometabolic disease risk and the possible beneficial effect of maternal early nutritional intervention."

Danai Georgiadou with the project: "Discordant Monozygotic Twinning in Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome: A Study of Embryonic Pluripotency and Epigenetic Reprogramming – Development of iPSCs."

Douwe Visser with the project: "Diagnostic value of soluble CD14 subtype in neonatal sepsis."

Ekaterina Jordanova with the project: "Angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in uterine adenomyosis."

Marielle Alders with the project: "Methylation profiling as a diagnostic test."

2. In Between (Grant type 2, up to €50.000)

This grant focusses on research projects that can be performed within one year.

Laureates 2019 (in random order):

Janneke van ’t Hooft with the project: "Long term follow-up of children exposed in-utero to progesterone for prevention of preterm birth."

Hamdi Mbarek with the project: "The SMAD3 gene and ovarian response to FSH and live birth in IVF."

Callista Mulder with the project: "Securing a fertile future for young boys with leukemia: the role of somatic cells in vitro."

Anna Landman with the project: "Long-term health follow-up of children after in utero exposure to low-dose aspirin, the APRIL follow-up study."

Anke Witteveen with the project: "Hair cortisol concentration as a valid indicator of prenatal depression."

Baudewijntje Kreukels with the project: "Sex hormones, cognition, and the role of cardiovascular and psychological factors: a study in elderly transgender people receiving gender-affirming hormone therapy."

Maurice van den Hoff with the project: "The glycosylation status of Follistatin-like 1 regulates development and growth."

3. The Bigger Picture (Grant type 3, up to €100.000)

This grant focusses on collaborative research projects between two departments within AR&D or between an AR&D department and an external collaborator with a strong connection to AR&D. In the latter case, the external collaborator may be situated abroad, however (part of) the research needs to be performed in the Amsterdam UMC or affiliated institutes or hospitals.

Laureates 2019 (in random order):

Martijn Finken with the project: "Patient-tailored Glucocorticoid Treatment to Prevent Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and Enhance Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Very Preterm Infants."

Geert Hamer with the project: "Role of germ cell-specific genes in the origin and development of cancer."

Marissa Harmsen with the project: "Anti-angiogenesis therapy for adenomyosis: from bench to bedside."