For AMC PhD candidates: be visible and win a cake!

Who-is-Who page

The AMC-VUmc Alliance Research Institutes and the AMC Graduate School ask all PhD candidates to complete their Who-is-Who page and thus register with the research institutes. They need this information to contact you. Make yourself and your research more visible to other researchers!

For every AMC PhD candidate, a new Who-is-Who page has been created. It will become visible after content has been added. All new AMC PhD candidates receive a confirmation e-mail upon registration with the Graduate School with detailed instructions. Other AMC PhD candidates can go to the ‘Wetenschapsregistratie’ page on AMC Intranet - Medical Library, or contact the Graduate School for instructions. Please add the AMC theme you perform your research in (max. 2), and all other relevant information.

In September, October, November and December 2017, each month a delicious cake will be allotted to one of the new Who-is-Who page owners. DO IT NOW AND WIN!

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