Call for projects – Lowlands 2018

Have you always wanted to do research on a festival? This is your chance!

Lowlands Science gives you the opportunity to perform research on 60.000 festivalgoers. They are looking for research proposals that are relevant and interesting to visitors of Lowlands. This should not be a problem within the research themes of the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development research institute!

There are certain conditions you need to take into account when writing your proposal

• The research proposal should be relevant and interesting to the visitors of Lowlands
• The lowlands visitor should be able to take part in the investigation, is a subject of investigation, or should be able to learn something from it. Questionnaire-based research is not eligible.
• The research proposal should take into account the conditions on the festival (loud noises, alcohol intake of the visitors etc). The Lowlands Science lab are based in tents.
• The proposal should be max 1500 words and should include a map of the space needed.

(FYI: It is not specified that the application has to be in Dutch, but to be sure inquire with them and perhaps team up with a Dutch colleague)

You can subscribe until March 27th. Please forward your application to us (

The AR&D is a research institute has many PhD students and researchers in different disciplines and locations (AMC and VUmc). If you have an idea, but need someone to work on your idea, please let us know. Perhaps we can help you find the right person within the institute. Besides this, we are willing to help you working out your plan and realizing it (