Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Out-of-the-Box Grant


The purpose of the AR&D Out-of-the-Box program is to challenge talented AR&D researchers to achieve new insights and breakthroughs. The projects are meant to be out-of-the-box and risky, with no pilot data required.

Who can apply?

The program provides an opportunity for talented AR&D researchers to submit a proposal containing an innovative idea, original, unique and creative. Any Principal Investigator (PI) who wants to submit, should be a registered AR&D PI. Technicians, PhD candidates, and postdocs are asked to submit with reference to the supervision of an AR&D PI. The project leader should have enough experience to turn an innovative idea into a concrete and substantiated hypothesis. Any AR&D PI may submit more projects but a maximum of one project per AR&D PI can be awarded.

What to apply for?

Max. 60.000 euro for financing salary, laboratory costs, bench fees and/or other expenses. Two – three grants are available in 2017.

How to apply?

The AR&D Out-of-the-Box grant application form should be submitted before 15 December 2017 12.00 hrs to

Assessment criteria:

After an eligibility check (is the proposal submitted by an AR&D PI or under supervision of an AR&D PI), the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Research Board will make a preselection based on the following criteria:

  • Innovative character of the research idea
  • Quality with respect to the design and methods of the proposal
  • Scientific and clinical relevance and societal impact
  • Feasibility of the project
  • Suitability to manage an innovative project (based on prior achievements)
  • Relevance to the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development research field

The selected candidates are invited for an interview and those with the most innovative, challenging ideas are candidate to receive the award.

    Contact details

    For more information, contact Sanneke van Vliet,