AR&D Retreat 2020

AR&D Retreat 2020 will continue digitally

We are happy to announce that the AR&D Retreat will continue, however it will be in a different format this year. The AR&D Retreat committee will offer you a series of online retreat sessions.
In three different episodes we will organize online talks from key-note speakers, your own research projects, online workshops, and of course we will have some drinks together!

AR&D Retreat - The series: EPISODE 1


Thursday October 29th
15:00 - 17:45h


15.00 - 15:35 Keynote speaker: Prof. dr. Katia Bilardo
15:40 - 16:40 Workshops
16:45 - 17:45 The AR&D Pub Quiz


Admission is free, but registration is required.

Closer to the event, the link for the online meeting will be sent to the email address you filled out in your registration form.

Registration for the workshops is now closed.

If you want to join the AR&D Retreat - The series: EPISODE 1 for the keynote speaker and/or the Pub Quiz, please use this link to register. The link for the online meeting will be sent to the email address you filled out in your registration form.
(Unfortunately, you can not register for a workshop anymore and you will also not receive the gift).


Prof. dr. C.M. (Katia) Bilardo

Emeritus Professor of Fetal Medicine
Vrije University, Amsterdam UMC and University of Groningen

"First trimester ultrasound screening for anomalies and beyond"


Please indicate your first, second and third choice during registration. The organizing committee will try to accommodate your preference, but it might not always be possible. You will be notified on your assigned workshop as soon as possible.

The following three workshops will be offered during the first episode of the AR&D retreat:

1. Mindfulness ‘Mindful working’

2. LinkedIn for researchers

3. Personal leadership & PhD

1. Mindfulness ‘Mindful working’
Now that everyone mainly works at home, and this situation will probably remain so for the time being, it is important to have sufficient tools to get through this time in a healthy way. During this episode of the Retreat, the Center for Mindfulness will give an interactive workshop Mindful working in which topics such as ‘separation between work and private life now that work mainly takes place at home / in the private sphere', 'finding routine in working from home', 'focus, concentration and energy'. They do this by explaining what mindfulness entails, how this can help, but also what the scientific background is.

2. LinkedIn for researchers
How important is LinkedIn as a medium for science? How do I ensure that my LinkedIn is found and seen? How do I ensure that my articles are read? How do I best profile myself on LinkedIn? Hakuna Matata - Science & Media trainers will answer all these questions during their interactive workshop.

3. Personal leadership & PhD – How do you navigate through a PhD as a (medical) researcher?
Leadership gives everyone tools to enjoy working and to experience a sense of autonomy as a researcher. This workshop gives you guidance in uncertain situations: Once you know what is important to you as a researcher, you can make more conscious choices and communicate about it. This leads to deepening, connection and efficiency. During this interactive workshop full of humor, experiential learning, intuition and creativity, you will work together to find your core values and experience what this means in your mutual communication.


The first episode of the AR&D retreat will end with a online social activity: a Pub Quiz.
We would like to send you something to your house that is necessary for this closing part of the first episode. If you are interested in this gift, please provide your home address on the registration form.

Save the dates AR&D Retreat – The series:

Episode 1: 
October 29, 2020: 1500 to 1745h

Episode 2:
December 10, 2020: 1500 to 1700h

Episode 3:
January 28, 2021: 1500 to 1700h

Make sure you tune in to (re)treat yourself!  More details about the content of the online sessions will follow shortly.