AR&D contribution printing costs of theses


AR&D will, as from January 2020, contribute €250 towards the printing costs of theses for AR&D PhD candidates, graduating in 2020 or 2021.


The conditions for the contribution are as follows: 

  • the PhD candidate is registered with the institute (in Hora Finita for VUmc PhD-students), receives mails and newsletters, either from the beginning of the project, or as of the start of the institute;
  • the PhD candidate participated in the annual AR&D retreat with at least an abstract and attended the AR&D symposium minimally once during her/his PhD period;
  • all the publications of the PhD thesis appearing after 1-1-2020 name the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development research institute as affiliation;
  • the PhD candidate informs the institute of the title, time, date and place of the thesis defense as soon as a date has been set, including the names of the (co)promotors;
  • the declaration of the actual costs must be done within 3 months after the printing costs are made.


The PhD candidate should send the application form to

Application form:

Incomplete applications and declarations submitted later than 3 months after the printing costs are made will not be taken into consideration.


If your application is approved the following text is printed in the thesis:
“Financial support for printing of this thesis was kindly provided and supported by the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development (AR&D) research institute”;

For publication on the AR&D website and newsletter the PhD candidate sends the institute:

1.       a picture (JPG) of the cover of the thesis

2.       a digital copy (PDF) or a link to the open source publication of the thesis

3.       a short summary of the thesis (75 words) in layman’s terms;

Declaration of the actual costs must be done within 3 months after the printing costs are made. Proof of payment of the printing costs and the AR&D letter stating your application has been approved have to be included in the declaration. You will receive the declaration instructions once your application has been approved.