AR&D grants

AR&D offers different funding opportunities:

1. Open research grants (Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3)

This AR&D research grant round enables researchers from Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals in Amsterdam to perform research in the field of reproduction and development.

For more information see:

AR&D grants 2020: Call is now closed

The AR&D grants 2021 call will open in the fall.

2. Travel grants

The AR&D Travel Grant enables young AR&D researchers to go abroad for a work visit to a foreign research group or to visit a conference. This grant funds conference visits (maximum €1000.-) or work visits (maximum €2500.-) in the field of Reproduction and Development.

The AR&D Travel Grant 2020 call will open later this year.

For previous AR&D travel grant awardees see:

AR&D Travel Grant Reports 2019

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3. Contribution printing costs of theses

AR&D will, as from January 2020, contribute €250 towards the printing costs of theses for AR&D PhD candidates.

For more information see:

AR&D contribution printing costs of theses