PhD position childhood hematology VUmc (deadline November 14, 2017)

Research on effectiveness of online cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia after childhood cancer.

Annually, in the Netherlands, 550 children are diagnosed with cancer. Most children survive (about 75%), but a large proportion of them are suffering from health problems. Insomnia occurs in more than a quarter of patients after treatment. Insomnia is associated with common complaints after childhood cancer, such as fatigue, pain and depression.

In childhood ecology, there is currently no routine screening for insomnia, partly because there are no suitable questionnaires for adolescents. There are also no guidelines for the treatment of insomnia in childhood ecology. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CGT) is effective in treating adult sleep insomnia. Online CGT may be interesting and threshold-lowering for young people. In young people with cancer, (online) CGT has not been investigated before.

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