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Health behavior and medical examinations

This theme concerns research on the promotion of health behaviors in employees and on medical examinations and guidance of workers. Health behavior in the domain of lifestyle, profession, and/or hobbies that influences risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and stress-related diseases are focused upon. A healthy lifestyle is crucial for societal participation and healthy aging. Determinants of health behavior will be translated into instruments and intervention programs, which will be evaluated in large trials in real world settings.

A particular focus is put on the emerging topic of sedentary behavior both at work and at home, which has been shown to be associated with all-cause mortality, independent of physical activity.

The second focus is to enhance the quality of workers' medical examinations (pre-employment and on-employment) and medical guidance with respect to their sustainable work ability in general and specifically in high-demands jobs.

A third focus is to scientifically evaluate instruments and tools to assess work (dis)ability, functional abilities and anticipated recovery to participate in work contexts. An important topic for insurance physicians in both public and private contexts is research on the quality of their medical assessments, e.g. performed to evaluate eligibility for sickness and work disability benefits.

Program council

Carel Hulshof & Frederieke Schaafsma