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Informal care and other forms of participation in society

Informal care is crucial for a healthy society in which people take care of each other. With the increase of participation in competitive work in the last few decades, other forms of societal participation are often an addition leading to a higher risk of health complaints due to the increased load for individuals. We anticipate that informal care will further increase within the next years due to governmental policies, justifying the relevance for research on this theme and exploring new ways for a healthy combination of paid and voluntary work, including informal care.

With the increase of the statutory retirement age, older workers are forced to postpone their retirement date. Insight into determinants of (early) exit from work, and prolonged participation in paid and unpaid work is required to develop interventions to better support older workers towards their retirement. Another recent development concerns delayed retirement, in which older workers continue to work after they have retired, i.e. bridge employment. As both in the Netherlands and in Europe many large datasets are available, this theme offers ample opportunities for international collaboration.

Program council: Edwin Boezeman & Tineke Abma