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Participation of people with chronic disease

The aim is to prevent unemployment and improve societal participation in patients with a chronic disease or with chronic health complaints. The development and evaluation of evidence-based interventions to support employment, (re-)integration and functioning in both paid and unpaid work is an important focus within this theme of research. Many (chronic) diseases/disorders are already subject of study, such as cancer survivors, and patients with chronic fatigue, musculoskeletal symptoms, rheumatism, skin & hearing disorders, acquired brain injuries, or with mental illness. Research is being conducted in close collaboration with the curative and occupational health care sector, but also with the Dutch Social Security Agency, private insurers, and municipalities. The focus is on people with a wish to participate or to return to their normal activities, such as work despite their (chronic) health condition. Research addresses the value and meaning of societal participation of these groups of people and their needs from health care professionals, including occupational and insurance physicians.

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