Societal Participation & Health

Full societal participation is defined as the opportunity for individuals to optimally participate in as many social roles as desired. Such social roles not only involve paid work, but also voluntary work, informal care and in other forms of social activities in society.

One aim is to prevent unemployment and to improve societal participation in patients with a chronic disease, with chronic health complaints or with complex work-related health issues. 

We study how the increase of participation in competitive work (delayed retirements) interacts with other forms of societal participation like informal care or other forms of voluntary work.

We provide insights in the promotion of health behaviors in the working population, improve preventive and medical assessments in the occupational context, improve employee health guidance  and study the etiology and prevention of work-related disorders and occupational diseases.

Program directors: Monique Frings-Dresen & Allard van der Beek