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Roadmap APH-QoC research program 2020-2023

The APH-QoC Roadmap comprises three themes:


The main goals of the ‘Research’ domain focus on internal collaboration and cohesion, and on the promotion of national and international visibility and consolidation. We strive to continuously enhance the connection/collaboration between APH-QoC researchers, but also with researchers from other institutions. In addition, we aim to develop and execute joint research proposals. To gain more national and international visibility we aim to stimulate the organization of (international) conferences, and to increase scientific output by APH-QoC researchers .


The main goals of the ‘Society’ domain focus on connecting projects to societal themes, consolidate APH-QoC as an active societal organization, and strive for (inter)national acknowledgement for being a societal relevant organization.

Implementation and valorization

The goals of the ‘Implementation and Valorization’ theme focus on developing and establishing APH-QoC expertise. In addition, we aim to encourage and ensure private and public collaboration.

The last version of the Roadmap 2020 you can find here. The roadmap is monitored and adapted yearly