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Prof. M. (Michèle) van Vugt MD PhD

Program leader Quality of Care

Prof.dr. Michèle van Vugt was born in Iran and raised in Mali and Chad respectively. She attended her secondary school in The Hague, The Netherlands. After that, she completed two studies: Health Sciences and Medicine, followed by research in refugee camps on the Thailand-Myanmar border in the field of adequate treatment of malaria. She is specialized as an internist infectiologist, tropical medicine.

Tropical medicine not only covers the treatment of an individual's disease, but also promotes the health of larger groups of people. Here, the field of internal medicine comes together with the fields of epidemiology and ‘global health’. Her chair is community centered control of tropical infections and the idea is that optimal control of a tropical infectious disease can only take place if the community is involved from the beginning in this control. Quality of care is an essential determinant in all these processes and there are many cross-links. During all the years in the tropics and also here in the AMC, next to my field of expertise, I have also focussed on quality of care as one of the pillars within healthcare.

Contact information

Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T: +31-20-5663330 / F: +31-20-6972286

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