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Quality of Care

In this program solid research is performed including ethical issues and legal aspects to guide decisions about healthcare system changes, reimbursement and financing, regulation and recommendations about specific interventions.

To reduce divergences between desired and observed outcomes and processes in healthcare, we  evaluate strategies to disseminate and implement the findings from sound performance assessment and we improve professional, institutional and healthcare system performance.

To improve patient safety we study the role of various technical, professional, organizational, regulatory and patient-related factors in causing errors and adverse events, and design and implement solutions to create a safer healthcare environment.

We promote equity by developing, improving, implementing and evaluating measures to reduce or eliminate undesirable variability across patient groups and population subgroups, in access to healthcare, healthcare processes and outcomes. We develop and focus on person-specific outcome measures, and evaluate the (cost)effectiveness of shared decision making and healthcare interventions that take into account ethics, person characteristics and preferences.

Our vision for the coming years can be read here.

Besides an advisory board (programmaraad) we have our own PhD-students workgroup that organizes activities for our PhDs.

Program leaders

Ellen Smets Ellen Smets

Sophia Kramer Sophia Kramer


Program directors:

Ellen Smets and Sophia Kramer

Program secretary: Bernadette Schutijser & Danique Bos