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Prof. M. (Meike) Bartels, PhD

Program Leader Personalized Medicine

“The majority of people are healthy and happy. I would like to know why to help those who suffer”

Meike Bartels (1973) is University Research Chair Professor in Genetics and Wellbeing at the  Department of Biological Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Netherlands Twin Register. After an internship at the Queensland institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia, she graduated in Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit. Her master degree is in Physiological Psychology, with special focus on Behavior Genetics. She obtained her PhD degree in 2003 under supervision of Prof. Dorret Boomsma. The last months of her PhD she worked at the Virginia Institute of Psychiatric and Behavior Genetics, Richmond, VA, USA together with Prof. Edwin van den Oord. In 2014 she was appointed as full -professor under the competitive and honorary University Research Chair program of the Vrije Universiteit. She conducts and supervises several research projects to gain sight into the underlying sources of variation on Wellbeing and its overlap with Psychopathology. She envisions that with a focus on positive aspects the public health system will be broadened, so that the aim will no longer be to only help to heal the ill but also to increase overall happiness.

Contact information

Department of Biological Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, room 2c-27

T: +31 (0) 20 5988812, E: m.bartels@vu.nl

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