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The Methodology program receive funds from the Amsterdam Public Health institute to stimulate the cooperation between AMC/UvA and VUmc/VU and to facilitate innovative research plans and provide funding to travel for research purposes.

In 2019 the following research projects and travel proposals were funded:

First round March

Research Grant:

-          Dr. Judith Rijnhart – Non collapsibility in logistic regression, the problem you never knew you had

Travel Grant:

-          Veronika Odintsova – Bristol Medical School – Epigenetic Epidemiology on prenatal origins of health and disease.

Second round July

Research Grant:

-          Bada Yang – Empirical investigation of sources of bias in comparative diagnostics test accuracy studies.

-          Dr. Angela Jornada Ben – Is multiple imputation necessary before performing mixed-model analysis in economic evaluations?

Travel Grant:

-          Sabine van Oort - Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University, Zweden

-          Attila Csala – University of Melbourne

-          Jody Hoenink – University of Otago, Wellingston, Nieuw-Zeeland

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Research Grant:

-          Prof. Mai Chin A Paw – Development and validation of an analysis method for sophisticated PA en SB sequence maps using accelerometer data pooled into an international database

-          Dr. Jouke-Jan Hottenga and Prof. Koos Zwinderman – Elucidating factors influencing the genetic background estimation in family members.

-          Michiel Luijten and Dr. Lotte Haverman – Analyzing Dutch norm data for the Pediatric PROMIS item banks.

Travel Grant:

-          Magnus Münch – Cambridge, United Kingdom.

-          Héctor van den Boorn – Brussels


Round 1 February

Research Grant:

-          COS focusgroep – Dr. Caroline Terwee (VUmc), Prof. Phyllis Spuls (AMC), Dr. Sanna Prinsen (VUmc) and Janneke van ´t Hooft (AMC)– Improving ‘Core Outcome Set’development among Vumc and AMC researcher

-          Stephanie Medlock - Core measures for computerized clinical decision support: a focus on cognitive and workflow outcomes

-          Dr. Renee de Menezes (VUmc)  and Dr. Perry Moerland (AMC) - Integrated analysis of multiple omics datasets: how to connect the needles in the haystack (workshop and symposium)

-          Dr. Marcel Dijkgraaf (AMC) - Identifying an Optimal Modelling Approach in economic evaluation, a practical decision aid with an application to the treatment of primary sclerosing cholangitis with ursodeoxycholic acid (OMA-project)

Round 2 August

-          Dr. Martijn C. Schut (AMC) - Data analysis of free-text medical documentation: adding deep learning to the equation

-          Dr. Frank van Leth (AMC) - Analyzing treatment effects in observational studies: comparison of methodologies

-          Dr. Hanneke van der Lee (AMC) - Ensuring patient involvement in clinical research: Patient involvement as a mandatory element of the template research protocol