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Dr. Mariska Leeflang, DVM, PhD

Program leader Methodology Amsterdam Public Health

Associate professor Clinical Epidemiology

"The more complicated the questions, the more fun!"

Mariska Leeflang (1976) graduated as a veterinarian in 2003 and decided to make a move into research. In 2008 she defended her PhD thesis “Systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy”, with prof. Patrick Bossuyt as promotor. In 2010, Mariska obtained a Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research highly competitive VENI grant for “New methods for comparative evaluations of diagnostic tests”.

Mariska’s work is built upon three pillars: systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy, comparative accuracy meta-analyses and primary studies for test-evaluation. She developed a method to meta-analyse predictive values instead of sensitivity and specificity and a way to compare heterogeneity between meta-analyses. Furthermore, she showed that prevalence may influence, through other routes, sensitivity and specificity. This in contrast to what is generally taught. Lastly, she showed that studies comparing two tests may lead to different conclusions when included in a meta-analysis than studies focusing on only one test.

Mariska has been invited to give presentations for the Gates’ Foundation in Seattle, for the British Society of Parasitology in the UK, and many other places. For The Cochrane Collaboration, she was involved in training of European Cochrane Review groups in doing diagnostic reviews, as editor for diagnostic reviews and as co-convenor of the Screening and Diagnostic Test Methods group. Within the AMC, she is board member of the Graduate School for PhD students, and coordinator of the Honours programme (both bachelor and master).

Contact information

Dr. Mariska M.G. Leeflang

Room: j1b-209, AMC

T: 020-5666934

E: m.m.leeflang@amc.uva.nl

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