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Focus groups

1. APH Clinimetrics focus group

open meetings

Members[i] of the measurement group of the department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, VUmc, have monthly ‘Clinimetrics’ meetings at the VUmc. These meetings are open to all researchers who are interested in developing and/or evaluating outcome measurement instruments, developing Core Outcome Sets, or for those who want to learn more about quality of measurements in general.

The aims of these meetings are:

  • To generate and discuss novel ideas for research proposals
  • To discuss the design of new studies on outcomes/outcome measurement instruments
  • To present results of clinimetric studies
  • To discuss challenging clinimetric papers that are difficult to read/understand on your own.
  • To discuss clinimetric issues that researchers encounter
  • As we want to be reactive to topical issues, the agenda of the upcoming topic is often set only one week in advance.


There is a group of researchers who attend the meetings regularly. They receive monthly invitations in their mailbox. Researchers who are interested in attending these meetings are welcome and can be included in the mailing list. Please register in advance, because the location or topic can change on short notice.

[1] Riekie de Vet, Caroline Terwee, Wieneke Mokkink, Sanna Prinsen

2. APH COS focus group 

Researchers of the VUmc and AMC from different departments (e.g. dermatology, epidemiology and biostatistics, obstetrics and gynaecology, public and occupational health, rheumatology) fulfil leading roles and board positions in (EU) projects and initiatives working on uniformity in outcome reporting in clinical trials by developing COSs. The field of COS development is relatively new, but rapidly growing. We are building up our expertise and we felt the urge of a joint initiative in the Netherlands: the APH COS focus group (established in January 2017 by CAC Prinsen, CB Terwee and PhI Spuls).

Aim of the APH COS focus group

In combining forces among VUmc and AMC researchers and taking on a leading role in the Netherlands and abroad, it is our mission to connect, profile and further develop COS (methodology) by building on our network, sharing knowledge and expertise, increasing our visibility and promoting COS development. It is our mission to improve the quality and quantity of COS development among VUmc and AMC researchers; become leading experts on COS development in the Netherlands; and contribute to the methodology of COS development.


For more information about the COS focus group or to join the focus group, please contact Sanna Prinsen.