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The APH Methodology program aims to facilitate health care innovations through the development, evaluation, implementation and application of (research)  instruments and methods. This program strives to foster collaboration and exchange of methodological knowledge between AMC |UVA and VUmc |VU researchers, to optimally utilize all available resources and strengthen methodological research in both institutes.

Methodological research topics include elements of epidemiology, biostatistics, informatics, clinimetrics/psychometrics and may be organized in the flowchart model appearing below. The model consists of four phases that naturally correspond to the lifecycle of (empirical) research (see flowchart below). Every phase in the flow chart model relates to research themes. The themes listed below do not cover the full methodological research area, but they correspond to examples of research activities already identified among the program partners and they illustrate the breadth of what constitutes methodological research.

Program leaders

Judith Bosmans, PhD Judith Bosmans, PhD
Mariska Leeflang, PhD Mariska Leeflang, PhD


Program leaders: Judith Bosmans & Mariska Leeflang

Program secretary: Simone van der Riet

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