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In 2016 - 2018 the Mental Health program received funds from APH to stimulate the cooperation between AMC/UvA and VUmc/VU (alliance funds) and to stimulate innovative research on mental health topics (innovation fund, only in 2017).

Funded alliance projects in 2018

  • Determining effective relapse prevention strategies for recurrent depression and moderators of treatment outcome – what works for whom?  Prof. Claudi Bockting (AMC), Josiefien Breedvelt (AMC), prof. Patricia van Oppen (VUmc) and prof. Pim Cuijpers (VU).
  • Fatty acids and depression relapse. Mariska Bot (VUmc), Roel Mocking (AMC), Carisha Thesing (VUmc) and Anja Lok (AMC)
  • A systematic assessment of four commercial Ecological Momentary Assessment research platforms: which should APH recommend? Prof. Jan Smit (GGZ inGeest/VUmc), Jeroen Ruwaard (GGZ inGeest/VU), Femke Lamers (VUmc), prof. Heleen Riper (VU), Melissa Thong (AMC)
  • Re-evaluating randomized clinical trials of psychosocial interventions: does response shift improve trial results? Prof. Mirjam Sprangers, Mathilde Verdam, prof. Hans Knoop (AMC), prof. Annemieke van Straten, prof. Heleen Riper, Wouter van Ballegooijen (VU), prof. Irma Verdonck-van Leeuwen (VU(mc)), Karen Holtmaat (VU), prof. Frans Oort (UvA).

Funded innovation project in 2017

Ecological Momentary Assessment: Best Practices in APH Mental Health Research.

In Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), emotions and behaviours are repeatedly sampled in everyday life, through electronic devices. By providing detailed data on within-person processes, EMA may be key in the development of personalised mental health interventions and evaluations.

This project will be led by Jeroen Ruwaard (VUmc) in collaboration with Melissa Thong (AMC), supported by others with expertise and interest. For this project 50.000 Euro is available. The EMA project aims to provide APH researchers with:

  • an overview of EMA instruments, methods and analytical techniques
  • guidelines for future studies and a core set of outcomes
  • a catalogue of EMA research in the APH consortium
  • a ‘special interest’ network of APH EMA researchers

Funded alliance projects in 2017

  • Determining moderators of psychosocial and exercise interventions for cancer related fatigue in cancer survivors (POLARIS). Prof. Hans Knoop (AMC) and Laurien Buffart (VUmc),.
  • Sexual well-being in head and neck cancer patients. Prof. Ellen Laan (AMC) and Prof. Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw (VUmc).
  • Examining the association of geographical factors with depressive symptoms (HELIUS).  Marieke Snijder and Ellen Generaal (VUmc).

Funded alliance projects in 2016

  • A multi-omics approach for identifying genetic pathways underlying complex traits: integration of knowledge and data VUmc-AMC. Eske Derks (AMC), Rick Jansen (VUmc) and Dorret Boomsma (VU)..
  • Ethnic differences in the association between obesity measures and depression in a Dutch population. The HELIUS and NESDA study. Marieke Snijder (AMC) and Mariska Bot (VUmc).
  • Mental competency (wilsbekwaamheid) in transgender youth. Annelou de Vries (VUmc), and Irma Hein (AMC).
  • Predicting trauma-related psychopathology: development of a decision support system. Mirjam van Zuiden and Miranda Olff  (AMC),  Marrit Sijbrandi, Pim Cuijpers and Heleen Riper (VU).

Funded alliance meetings in 2016

  • Mental Health kick-off meeting.
  • Symposium on psycho-oncology. Frank Snoek (AMC/VUmc) and Irma Verdonck (VU).
  • Meeting focusing on research of children and adolescents. Lotte Haverman (AMC) and Thomas Steensma (VUmc).