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J.A. (Jos) Bosch PhD

Progam leader Mental Health

Dr. Jos Bosch is associate professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, and also affiliated with the department of Medical Psychology at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) of Amsterdam. Additionally he has an adjunct appointment at Heidelberg University (Mannheim Institute of Public Health, MIPH).

Jos Bosch studied Clinical Psychology and Biological Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, and he obtained his PhD in Dentistry/Oral Biology at the Vrije Universiteit, in 2001. In the US, he trained as a post-doctoral fellow in Behavioral Immunology (Ohio State University, 2001-2003) and became assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (2003-2004). He continued this line of research at the University of Birmingham (UK), to return to the University of Amsterdam in 2012.  

Jos Bosch’s research investigates the psychobiology of stress and mental health. This research takes a bi-directional perspective whereby stress, its affective and cognitive concomitants, as well as its clinical implications, are studied both as a cause and as an effect of biological perturbations. His dual experience in psychology and biology allows to approach these topics in a genuinely multidisciplinary manner, whereby he integrates methods and concepts from both fields, and apply these to experimental laboratory studies, epidemiological analyses, and randomized controlled trials. His group has been able to attract continued research funding for the past 12 years, and published >150 international research papers on the topics described above.  Jos Bosch is, and has been, associate editor and editorial board member of  high-ranking journals in psychology including Psychological Bulletin, Health Psychology and Brain Behavior & Immunity.

Contact information

Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam

Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B,  1018 WS Amsterdam, The Netherlands

E-mail: j.a.bosch@uva.nl

Phone: (+)31-(0)628-916532

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