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Mental Health

It is undisputed that there is no health without mental health, encompassing the wide spectrum from mental well-being  to mental health problems. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and alcohol use disorders are common in the general population and are among the conditions with the largest disease burden worldwide. Mental health conditions do not only impact individuals’ wellbeing and quality of life, but also their somatic health, health care utilization and daily (work) functioning. Therefore these conditions have a profound impact on the society as a whole.

Mental health conditions are considered complex diseases, with multiple risk factors involved : genetics, psychosocial and environmental stressors, brain abnormalities, personality and coping strategies and somatic conditions. Consequently, to more completely understand the causes and consequences of mental health problems, a multidisciplinary approach needs to be followed.

We provide insight into risk and resilience factors in mental health and develop evidence-based  preventive strategies and interventions to reduce the burden of mental health problems. We further facilitate research on the interface between mental health and somatic disease. This includes effects of stress and mental disorders on somatic disease processes as well as common mental reactions to somatic diseases, such as anxiety, hope, and growth.

    Program leaders

    Aartjan Beekman MD PhD Aartjan Beekman MD PhD

    Jos Bosch, PhD Jos Bosch, PhD


    Program directors: Aartjan Beekman & Jos Bosch

    Program secretary: Simone van der Riet