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Aging & Later Life

The Aging & Later Life research program aims to help people in the Netherlands grow old and be old in the best possible way, e.g. using a dynamic health approach in which older people and their relatives are supported in their ability to adapt and self-manage.

Aging & Later Life is a multidisciplinary, cross-departmental research program. We focus on aging (growing old), the older person (being old), and the last years of life using the concepts:


The idea of resilience — "the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity" — focusses on older people’s capacity for responding to specific age-related tasks and transitions. As such, resilience recognizes older people’s innate strength, without establishing an absence of problems as the norm for a good old age.

Quality of Life

For many older people, full physical health is often unachievable. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t experience a good quality of life. At Aging & Later Life, we investigate how individual and structural factors can affect the quality of life of older people.

Personalised care

There is a growing awareness of group differences in health effects or treatment results, and of the influential factors at play. We want our research to help provide deeper insights into what kind of care works for whom, and when.

Central to the Aging & Later Life program are scientific quality and social impact. We therefore value interdisciplinary approaches, and strife for active collaboration with other faculties, field partners and educational institutions, as well as with older people themselves.

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Program Leaders

Program Board


Program leaders: Nathalie van der Velde & Martijn Huisman

Program secretary: Fadime Kursun

Program coordinator: Najada Stringa