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Dr. K.M. (Kristel) van Asselt, MD

Program leader Personalized Medicine

“A good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

This quote embodies personalized medicine, I hope that we can stimulate and align research to study all the ingredients for personalized care, not only to make therapeutic choices easier but also to better use resources when we personalize prevention and diagnostics. 

Kristel van Asselt is senior researcher at the department of General Practice at Amsterdam UMC location AMC. She chairs the research on oncology. Besides she is a clinician, working as a general practitioner in Kockengen since 2009. In 2003 she completed her PhD-thesis : Age at menopause, a genetic-epidemiologic study at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care Utrecht, Department of Medical Genetics and Department Obstetrics Neonatology en Gynaecology, UMCUtrecht. She finished her master Genetic-Epidemiology in 2002. After the GP vocational training she was appointed for 3 years at the Dutch College of General Practitioners responsible for various guidelines for general practitioners.

Since 2012 she is working as a teacher in the vocational training for general practitioners and started a research line oncology in primary care. She is involved in studies on prevention of cancer, population screening and survivorship care. Patient centered care and the role of the GP are repeating themes in all her projects.

Contact information

Dr. K.M. (Kristel) van Asselt, MD

Department of General Practice Academisch Medisch Centrum

room J2-125  T+31 20 5661665 | E k.m.vanasselt@amsterdamumc.nl