ZonMw grant for APH-researcher Pythia Nieuwkerk

ZonMw granted the project “Long-term mental health trajectories in recovered COVID-19 patients: exploring the interplay of psychosocial and biological factors affecting health-related quality of life” led by APH-researcher Pythia Nieuwkerk. This project aims to determine the long-term mental health and health-related quality of life (HRQL) trajectories in recovered COVID-19 patients and explore the interplay of biomedical- and psychosocial factors. The project also aims to determine which individuals are at risk of trajectories characterized by persistently or recurrently reduced mental health and HRQL and design guidance for identifying individuals at risk. The project will be conducted as a sub-study of the recently formed cohort of patients with mild to severe illness recovered from COVID-19 (RECOVERED/ VIS cohort).