What could shared decision making in the mental health care lead to?

Margot Metz Margot Metz

Patients taking decisions together with their clinicians results in a higher degree of satisfaction among the patients and the attainment of better treatment outcomes when compared to this decision making taking place without  this dialogue. Yet, there remains room for improvement in the manner of cooperation in taking treatment decisions, as is concluded by health scientist and nurse Margot Metz in her thesis study. She has successfully defended her dissertation on the 12th of December at Amsterdam UMC.

Metz examined the added value of shared decision-making for patients and clinicians in the specialized mental health care. SDM is a collaborative approach in which patients, in dialogue with their companions and clinicians jointly make decisions about treatment options, whereby each person’s knowledge and expertise is shared. Herein, Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM), which primarily focuses on providing feedback to patients and clinicians on the progression of treatment by means of questionnaires, and eHealth were used as assisting tools.

As concluded by Metz, the application of shared decision-making in practice could still be improved, though patients and clinicians did start using ROM outcomes plenty in the treatment. The evaluated method has not yet led to the desired result for all patients. Particularly the subgroup of patients with a depression benefited from this method. Metz advises to further invest in personalized interventions, especially aimed at supporting patients in shared decision making as required to. To exemplify, this could be done by means of experience experts, training & coaching and with the use of a digital personal health environment. At the same time, it is also important to closely examine the effectiveness thereof.

Margot Metz is active at GGz Breburg. She carried out her thesis study at the Trimbos Institute and GGz Breburg in cooperation with Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC, department psychiatry and EMGO institute. The nationwide study is based on the National ROM Quality Improvement Collaborative, which was financed by the National Network for Quality Development in mental health care. Metz defended her dissertation ‘Shared Decision Making in mental health care: the added value for patients and clinicians’ on Wednesday the 12th of December at 13.45 hrs. Promotors: prof. A.T.F. Beekman and prof. C.M. Van der Feltz-Cornelis, copromotors: dr M.A. Veerbeek and prof. E. de Beurs.