Two ZonMw grants for the use of lifestyle medicine in curative health care

APH researchers Karien Stronks (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC) and Willem van Mechelen (main applicant, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc) & Judith Jelsma (project leader, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc), both received a ZonMw grant for a project in the Lifestyle health care (prevention) round.

A healthy lifestyle is important to stay healthy. It is possible that treatment of chronic diseases can also benefit by using lifestyle interventions. The nine projects who were awarded this grant focus on the question which lifestyle interventions can curatively be used for which diseases?

1. Karien Stronks - Behavioural medicine for lower-educated patients with type 2 diabetes: the effectiveness and implementation of a tailored intervention in primary care. The project builds upon a previously developed behavioural intervention for patients with T2D with lower educational attainment: Powerful Together With Diabetes (PTWD).  In this study, we will investigate how the behavioural programme PTWD can be implemented as a behavioural medicine intervention in the treatment for this target group. We will, firstly, assess the (cost-)effectiveness of this behavioural programme, and, secondly, specify the conditions under which this programme can be implemented. 

2. Willem van Mechelen & Judith Jelsma - LOFIT: Lifestyle front Office For Integrating lifestyle medicine in the Treatment of patients: a novel care-model towards community-based options for lifestyle change. The LOFIT project builds upon the results collated in and learned from: Physician Implement Exercise = Medicine (PIE=M). To optimize patient-centered lifestyle care, we will in this study develop and evaluate (cost-) effectiveness of a lifestyle front office at two university medical centers (Amsterdam UMC and UMC Groningen). We will test this lifestyle front office firstly among patients with cardiovascular disease and osteoarthritis in need of lifestyle change.