Tips & Tricks to make working from home as productive and pleasant as possible!

Usually, a lot of employees enjoy a day of working from home. But now that it is sort of mandatory, it feels very different. Maybe you miss your fellow colleagues for a good chat or you need them to motivate you. Or maybe your concentration is lacking, because all the chaos and commotion is getting into your head. Still, you want to be as productive as possible. So, what can you do to optimally use the time in the upcoming weeks?

10 tips to make working from home as productive and pleasant as possible!

1.       Consciously choose your spot

Create a space in your home where you can work confortably. Maybe that is a desk, or if you don’t have one, the kitchen table with a comfy chair. Make sure that you do not get a sore back. Moreover, reduce the amount of stimuli from your surroundings at your desk or table. Maybe tidy up first. Make sure that it is really your place.

2.       Make sure that you stick to a routine

Set your alarm. Okay, maybe an hour later because you don’t have travelling time, but get out of bed around the same time every day. Make an agreement with yourself that for instance you have to start working at 8.30 from home the whole week. Do you have (daily) recurring tasks? Plan those on fixed hours.

3.       Get dressed

Are you aware that you are more in the relaxing mode than in the action mode? Switch your onesie for ‘normal’ clothing. This really works! If this is not a pitfall for you, do not feel bad and please leave your cozy slippers on.

4.       Do not skip your breakfast

Take time to eat your breakfast. Take a moment for yourself, before you have to sit in front of your laptop the whole day. This will start your day with energy and deep concentration.

5.       Challenge yourself

What do you want to achieve today? Make a list and write it down. Make for instance an overview about what you would like to finish in the morning and in the afternoon. You could also do this the day or evening before. This will motivate you straightaway for the next day.

6.       Eat that frog

Are you productive in the morning? Start your day with the most important to do’s. The task that you can do on automatic pilot can be better done when you are less concentrated.  

7.       Divide the day in chunks

Of course you cannot concentrate eight hours in one go. Therefore divide the day in chunks of one or two hours. In these hours you focus on your tasks and afterwards you take a short break. The advantage from working at home? Now you can start the washing machine in your break.

8.       Take a real break

Go outside and take a walk. Fresh air is always good. What is also important: prepare your lunch beforehand and make sure that your fridge is full. In this case you do not have to go to the supermarket in your break.

9.          Make it cozy

You are missing the presence of your colleagues. Make it cozy at home too. Buy a bouquet of flowers to set on the table, or arrange a daily call or FaceTime moment with a colleague or friend. This prevents you from getting into social isolation.

10.       Stop in time

If you are working from home, there is a pitfall that you are continuously working. Are you tired? Stop in time and make sure that you can start fresh the other day. And do not forget to exercise. People skip this most of the time, but it is really important. Exercising clears your mind and gives new energy.

As you can see, working from home is not as bad as it seems. You do not have long travelling times, long meetings, or too much social talk. This means that you have time left. Maybe you are at home with you family, you can spend the extra time as quality time with the family. No family? Than you have some extra me-time; time for Netflix, a good book, exercise or a walk outside with a friend.

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