The success of the community clinic

Since June 2018, elderly patients who were reported at the emergency department of the AMC location of Amsterdam UMC can be welcomed to the community clinic, an initiative of AMC care institution, Cordaan and health insurer Zilveren Kruis. APH researcher Bianca Buurman, professor of Acute Geriatric Care at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA)is the initiator of the clinic. The primary goal of the community clinic is to provide guidance to patients to function independently when they return home. This goal is achieved by guiding patients to become active as soon as possible after hospitalization. The ‘mini- hospital for elderly’, located in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, has gained great attention from the media and the expectations of the results were high.

The success factor of the clinic is, regarding to geriatrician Irene Oudjans, the close guidance, patience and quietness present in the clinic. So what are the first experiences of the community clinic? Numbers show that focus on personal attention results in a decrease of 20% in the number of emergency room visits and a quarter less hospital readmissions.  Additionally, the incidences of several complications such as delirium and and decubitus are low. Ria Aartse Tuijn (79), one of the patients who stayed in one of the six rooms of the district clinic, was positively surprised when entering the clinic and recovered quickly. Only four months after opening, the district clinic has shown to possess a success formula in preparing elderly to return home and resume life independently.

source: AMC intranet

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