The National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI)

The National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI) was launched nation-wide in October 2020. The NSRI will be conducted by a research group led by prof. dr. Lex Bouter and is funded by ZonMw.

On October 15th, the National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI) was launched and was sent to the entire academic research community in the Netherlands, across all disciplines. This is the largest study ever conducted on research integrity worldwide.

The NSRI is completely anonymous and seeks to sketch as accurate and complete as possible a picture of the issues that can foster or hinder research integrity, such as open science practices, competitiveness, trust in published studies, work pressure, and questionable and responsible research practices.

Amsterdam UMC is one of the endorsing organisations actively participating in this initiative, as we are in support of gaining deeper insights into, and improvement of, issues around research integrity.

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Launch symposium

A launch symposium was held on 15 October 2020 to kick off the NSRI. As this is a topic impacting us all, the symposium aimed to open up the discussion to all researchers on responsible research practices in an interactive way.