Successful Quality of Care workshop ‘From Research to Society’.

On the 26th of November the ‘golden ticket’ winners from the Quality of Care program organized an interesting workshop on how we should disseminate scientific research to a broader audience. During the workshop ‘From Research to Society’ several experts shared their stories. First Hanneke Hulst, a MS-researcher, putted forward how important it is to narrow the gap between researchers and patients. With her work at Brein in Beeld and  her online blogs, she aims to inform the patients about the importance of scientific MS-research.

After Hanneke, Lisa Klinkenberg, PhD student at Amsterdam UMC and Sanquin, took the stage. She received a lot of media attention after the publication of her research on the recruitment of ethnic minorities and migrants as blood donors. She gave tips on how to handle this sudden media attention.

Last but not least, Renate Wijma, the founder of the ‘Twitterkliniek’ helped the attending researchers to think about the importance of social media to spread your research. In an interactive session with small groups the attendees dived deeper into the world of social media.

It was an interesting and inspiring day for researchers! There are plans within the QoC program to organize another workshop to elaborate further on this topic.

The Dutch blogs of Hanneke Hulst can be found here >>