’s Heeren Loo and VU start incubator meetings for intellectual disability research

As part of the first incubator meeting, ‘s Heeren Loo (Kees Erends), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Amsterdam Public Health (Martine de Bruijne) signed a new cooperation agreement on the 19th of June. Incubator meetings with researchers, professionals, and experts of experiences are one of the new forms in which the Academic Collaborative Center ‘s Heeren Loo – VU stimulates and facilitates research with relevance for long-term care for people with intellectual disability. VU and ‘s Heeren Loo have a history of cooperation for over 80 years, in which ‘s Heeren Loo has grown into the largest national provider of care for people with intellectual disability. Through the program instigatated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Academic Collaborative Center since this year receives structural funding for its activities.

In an incubator meeting, individuals from practice and research jointly focus on a problem in healthcare, a new idea, or a question. They critically examine whether the problem warrants new research. During this first meeting we explored success factors that contribute to sustainable sheltered employment for individuals with intellectual. We also contributed to further shaping of new research into core beliefs of children with mild intellectual disabilities about themselves and the social world around them.

The fruits of the meeting will be used for the further development of ideas and research plans. A perfect example of crossfertilization of practice and science. One of the experience experts shared the following message: “I hope that we consider everything while keeping all parties in mind. Wish us a strong and continuous cooperation.” We certainly want that and that is why we are planning to organize more of this sort of gatherings.

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