Review: the embedding process of an APH project experienced by researcher Sietske Tamminga

From January 1, 2018 onwards the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH) has started embedding its research projects in both VUmc and AMC. The request for embedding of a project means the research proposal is reviewed for its relevance for APH and for the requested program within APH. A review on scientific quality and feasibility is an extra service, offered by the Scientific Quality Committee. You can use this review to obtain extra advice to improve your research proposal.

Sietske Tamminga (AMC) decided to do a request for embedding and review of her research proposals:

‘For me the request for embedding and review of my research proposals was logical. It is an advantage that my research is not only known in my department, but in APH as well. It indicates that I support the idea of APH. I see added value of cooperation with others in APH.’

The review of my research proposals was very valuable. When your research is funded by an organization like ZonMw or KWF, it has been thoroughly reviewed, and a review by the Scientific Quality Committee has probably little extra value. But if your research proposal was not reviewed yet by independent reviewers, then advice on your proposal is very useful. And it doesn’t take much effort. It is easy to fill out the embedding and review form and you actually always have a plan before you start your research. It is better to improve your research proposal before you start, than finding out afterwards that it could have been better.

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