Recap symposium ‘Responsive, Participatory Research: Past, Present and Future Perspectives’

January 20th 2020 the symposium ‘Responsive, Participatory Research: Past, Present and Future Perspectives’ took place. About 200 participants attended the meeting at the VU, which shows the increasing interest participatory and action-oriented approaches among researchers within APH and our broader networks. The symposium brought together a transdisciplinary group of scholars who inspired and collaborated with Prof. Tineke Abma and her team over the past 10 years in AmsterdamUMC, location VUmc, in the dept. Medical Humanities.

Prof. Martine de Bruijne opened the symposium and stressed the relevance of participatory research with multiple stakeholders to gain a better understanding of public health interventions in complex real life-settings. Prof. Guy Widdershoven chaired the meeting with presentations on the theory, methodology and practical examples of participatory research by keynote speakers Prof. Thomas Schwandt (University of Illinois), Prof. Tina Cook (University of Liverpool), Prof. Alie Weerman (Windesheim) and Prof. Harry Kunneman (Unversity of Humanistics). Finally, Prof. Tineke Abma shared her ideas on the future and upcoming issues around knowledge, power and other ways of knowing.

The next day, Jan 21th 2020 Susan Woelders successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled ‘Power-full Patient Participation, Opening Spaces for Silenced Knowledge.

The presentations and thesis can be found on: