Recap second meeting APH Think Tank

In the May 2017 newsletter the APH directors made a call for members to join the APH Think Tank. The Think Tank act as the young advisory and sounding board. The majority of the members of the APH institute are PhD candidates and junior researchers, so their voice is very important.

In January, the members of the Think Tank and the APH directors came together for their second meeting. Topics of discussion included the evaluation of the Annual Meeting last November and how to involve and reach the young researchers of APH. The meeting continued with an open dialogue and brainstorm session focussing on what APH can offer young researchers but also how young researchers can contribute to the institute. The Think Tank members discussed various elements of possible interest to young researchers and PhD’s including travelgrants, PhD trajectory mentors and inspiring lectures.

More information and contact information for the Think Tank will be soon updated on the APH website. For now, you can reach Yayouk Willems by: Feel free to think with us about the development of APH,  and share your ideas!