Program leader A&LL, Cees Hertogh, in Het Parool about a new large-scale research on the spread of the COVID-19 virus in nursing homes 

Cees Hertogh Cees Hertogh

Amsterdam UMC and some GGDs are doing research on the spread of the coronavirus in nursing homes. An explanation for the large amount of victims in those homes might be that there is a chance that the personnel of those homes are infected with the virus but without showing any symptoms.

APH researcher, and professor geriatric care, Cees Hertogh, coordinates the research that starts on May 4th. The researchers would like to present their work one month later. A lot of nursing homes wish to cooperate. The aim of the research is to investigate if the coronavirus can spread before someone shows any symptoms. Together with Bianca Buurman, he brought up the importance of such a study to the Outbreak Management Team.

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