Professor Kiki Lombarts, has been selected as CASBS fellow at Standford University, CA, USA.

Foto: Jeroen Oerlemans Foto: Jeroen Oerlemans

APH researcher professor Kiki Lombarts, UvA professor of Professional Performance (department of medical psychology) has been selected as CASBS (Center for Advanced Study in the Behavorial Sciences) fellow at Stanford University, CA, USA. On their website it says: “CASBS is renowned for providing a home for scholars engaged in pioneering research. The Center’s annual mix of ‘distinguished thinkers of proven accomplishment facilitates advanced thinking and research. They study contemporary societal problems and contribute to evidence-based policy and solutions”.
Kiki Lombarts’s fellowship will be funded by the Stanford School of Medicine’s Presence Program. Presence is founded and directed by Professor Abraham Verghese, MD, who received the National Humanities Medal (2016) "for reminding us that the patient is the center of the medical enterprise”. The Presence Program is aimed at “championing the human experience in medicine’. Kiki Lombarts is interested in studying the (loss of) professional soul of the medical profession and will be investigating ‘doing good’ in current healthcare systems. Kiki will be spending a full academic year (September 2020- May 2021) at CASBS Center on Stanford’s Campus.