Prof. dr. Nathalie van der Velde appointed professor of Geriatric Medicine

Prof. dr. Nathalie van der Velde (1974) has been appointed professor of Geriatric Medicine, in particular falls prevention, at the Faculty of Medicine of

the University of Amsterdam (UvA/Amsterdam UMC-location AMC).

Van der Velde is among others chairwoman of the national network of falls clinics and chairwoman of the committee that develops the national, multidisciplinary guideline ‘falls prevention in elderly’. These last years, the number of elderly that get injured because of a fall, or even pass away, has increased substantially. Such a fall is the prime reason for a visit to the E.R., nursing home admission, and a stay in the hospital. This has great consequences for the elderly: in addition to the suffered injuries, the quality of life declines (often unnecessary) and the elderly are unable to function independently. Also, they are at risk of becoming socially isolated.

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