Nathalie van der Velde appointed as Professor of Geriatric Medicine, in particular falls prevention

Nathalie van der Velde   Nathalie van der Velde

On March 19th the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam has appointed Nathalie van der Velde as Professor of Geriatric Medicine, in particular falls prevention.

Falls prevention is a significant public health priority due to both the common occurrence of falls and its negative consequences including injuries, functional decline and reduced quality of life. In Western societies, falls form the major reason for injury-related department visits emergency in older persons. The accompanying economic burden is substantial, accounting for approximately 1% of all health care expenditures. This makes fall related injury part of the top 20 of most expensive health care costs.

Nathalie van der Velde is a practicing geriatrician since 2010 and director of the geriatric medicine fellowship of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) since 2014. Furthermore, she is co-chair of the Amsterdam Public Health Institutions’ research programme “Aging and Later Life”. Her research group focusses on optimization of recognition and treatment of individual fall-risk factors by carrying out clinical and epidemiological research and disperse knowledge on falls research by actively participating in fall workgroups and networks. Current work specifically addresses drug- and cardiovascular-related fall risk.