LASA receives grant from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports for the period 2021-2024

With more than 3 million euros, the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam can deepen and broaden itself over the next four years. With this grant, LASA can conduct additional research to the consequences of the coronacrisis for the elderly. Research into loneliness and frailty among older adults has been ongoing within LASA for some time; but many other topics will receive attention in the next few years and data are open for researchers of APH to answer their research questions. For instance, an additional COVID questionnaire has now been administered to more than 1,100 participants. These data allow investigators to assess the impact of the corona crisis as broadly as possible. Some older people have become ill themselves, others have lost a loved one to COVID-19. Still others have had to postpone care, become more anxious, or more depressed, or have started drinking more. By analyzing all the collected data, researchers can answer questions such as: have elderly people living at home become more lonely due to the corona measures? Have they had more trouble getting needed regular care? And what impact did the situation have on their health and well-being?

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