Interview Prof. dr. Irma Verdonck about the psychological consequences in (ex-)cancer patients

Prof. dr. Irma Verdonck   Prof. dr. Irma Verdonck

The number of cancer patients that recover from the disease is increasing every year. Consequently, people have to cope with different consequences of the disease and treatment, such as fatigue, concentration problems, and psychological complaints.

In September 2018 Marte van Santen interviewed psychologist and speech therapist Irma Verdonck, Professor psycho-oncology, Amsterdam UMC, and chair of the research group ‘Living together with cancer’, for Radar+-magazine to share her expertise on this subject. Verdonck says that “psychological complaints, such as fear and depression, are very common among cancer patients and survivors”. Sometimes ex-cancer patients are not able to process their profound life experience, which can result in excessive worrying, poor sleeping and fatigue. Several options are available to find help, such as designed by Verdonck and her research group to provide online support with targeted advice to improve quality of life.

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