Interview Cécile Boot: "Taking care of others is much easier than taking care of yourself"

APH program leader Societal Participation & Health, Cécile Boot, reflects on her research in the Dutch 'Tijdschrift voor Bedrijfs- en Verzekeringsgeneeskunde' in the October edition of 2020.

Cécile Boot is endowed Professor in Organization and Quality of Work in Elderly Care at Radboud University and Professor in Social Participation and Health at VU-Amsterdam UMC. In this interview Cécile talks about her research in elderly care regarding the care workers. One of them is the requirement of mental strength besides physical strength of the care workers. The staffing levels being too low compared to the amount of work is another observation that she discusses. To these problems Cécile proposes solutions such as mindfulness and self-organizing teams. Additionally, she tells us how the influences of the COVID-19-crisis affected her research.

Read the full (Dutch) interview with Prof. Cécile Boot (pdf) here.