Intersectionality as a theory and methodology for public health? - Zoom meetup on August 24

Intersectionality enables researchers to address health disparities and social justice in their research. It helps researchers to gain insight in biases: to whom is this knowledge applicable? And to whom it is not? Intersectionality allows for researchers to identify vulnerable groups, differences within and between groups and to explain these differences from a socio-structural perspective. Thereby, intersectionality adds value by generating integrated knowledge that contributes to tailored, personalized and patient-centered care policies and practices.

On August 24, from 16.00-17.00, we are organizing a first ‘Introduction to Intersectionality’ Zoom meetup. In this one hour ‘meet-and-greet’ with intersectionality, we outline the basics of the theory and its application in public health, and provide a quick overview of the content of the upcoming PhD training ‘Intersectionality and I’. The 2-day training is developed by PhD students from APH.

Sign up for this info meet up by sending an email to Renee Bolijn (  The meeting is open to all. Find more information on the training ‘Intersectionality and I’ and how to attend it.